carlos-costa1.jpgMy name is Carlos Costa, graduate in Sociology and writer. I was born in 1948. My background as a storyteller began in Casa de Letras and continued at a number of storytelling clinics (Laurencich, Correa Luna, Cross). I was chosen for the 2007 Juan Manual Portela Competition. I have published two short story compilations, En saco ajeno and El otro jardín (The Other Garden), and my works have appeared in several Spanish-language anthologies. In 2008, I received a mention at the Julio Cortázar Ibero-American Short Story Contest, organized by Casa de las Américas and Fundación Alia, for "Un lunes cualquiera" ("Just Another Monday"), which appears in El otro jardín. My short story entitled "Coche motor a Villazón" was published in the first edition of La balandra.

I was a finalist for the Letra Sur Prize with my novel Marcapasos, published in 2012 by Simurg, with a second edition published in 2015. Al margen del cielo (Simurg, 2015) is my latest novel. I am the author of Tal vez por sus ojos verdes, a book of short stories, and Sobrevida, a novel, both unpublished. I am currently writing another novel and am the Executive Director of La balandra.


Short Stories


The sloop

Tbalandrahough we lived three blocks from the port, my father wasn’t a seaman. They were hardly any seamen in town. My father was a tailor, or rather, a “journeyman”, at Gally…


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Just Another Monday

It is a sunny winter’s day. I walk out into the garden. I’m surprised at how much the lemon tree has grown, its crown rising above the gable of the quincho…

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The Other Garden

If you make an impromptu trip to the garden, that is, if you’ve entered the garden without an invitation or at least without a guide, you probably won’t see it. But if you concentrate a bit…

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m-1The bag

1977. June. They met in the elevator. For a moment, he hesitated to say hello to her. She had changed: she was blonde, with her hair tied back, and she was wearing a small pair of glasses that …

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